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Welcome to the 4th annual hasc hockey classic!

For a fourth consecutive year Camp HASC is excited to offer its popular and exciting Hockey Classic. The 4th annual HASC Hockey Classic will be comprised of 12 teams with over 160 competitors, with all-star alumni of the following schools: TABC, DRS, HAFTR, KUSHNER, MTA, JEC, FRISCH, HANC, SAR, TEAM CANADA, ALL-CITY and RAMBAM.

This will be by far the greatest and most talented collection of MYHSHL players ever assembled in competition together, all with the mission of raising their school’s banner high along with raising funds for an incredible cause.

The games will take place on October 10th in Bergen County, NJ. Fans of all ages are invited to come and support their teams. Join us for this exciting event and help us enter the realm where goals aren’t only met on the court.

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The Fourth Annual HASC Hockey Classic is facing off once again. The goal? To help fund the life-changing summer program offered to the special children of Camp HASC. Participate in the HASC Hockey Classic … and score real points.