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The 4th annual camp hasc hockey classic

Player Rules

1. Each game will have 3 Ten Minute running time periods, the last 2 min of 3rd Period is stopped time at each whistle

2. Round Robin – Overtime – 4 Minutes 3 on 3, Shootout 3-3 from each team, Then sudden death 1-1

3. Penalty 1:00 running, 2:30 for a major penalty( Last two minutes of the third the penalty will be stopped time)

4. Teams will switch sides after the 1st period as well as after the first whistle after the 5 Min mark of the third period

5. Round Robin Tie Breaker goes by 1) Overtime Loss 2) Head to Head 3) Goal Differential (if 3 teams tie after goal differential Most goals scored) 4) Shootout

6. Each Player is required to bring and wear their own Helmet, gloves, Athletic cup and Hockey Stick

7. CAMP HASC will be providing a Jersey and sweatpants for each player, players need to provide their own helmets, gloves and sticks

8. Aside from the above, the rules will follow the most recent Yeshiva League hockey rules which can be seen here.